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How to use a dating guide to be successful in the dating circle

If you are having much difficulty in the dating category, you could turn to a reliable dating guide for help. There are several self help books and online guides for successful dating, tao system written by Joshua Pellicer is is one of them I personally like. If you think that all are worthless, they might not be so. However, every dating guide takes up a particular aspect to focus upon. While some dating guides talk about the personality of women in detail, there are others which help you to examine your personality and understand how to approach the right women. There are more radical books and guides on attracting women and making yourself irresistible to them. Here is a lowdown on how to use such guides.

Find the right guide

As there are several dating guides available, you need to find one that would be perfect for you. In order to choose the right dating guide, it is best to survey the market first. With the help of online sources, this is easily done. Go through the different dating guides available and read through their synopsis. As you read through them, some dating guides will intrigue you while others will seem ridiculous. Note down the names of the dating guides that seem to hold potential. Find their reviews and note what other customers are saying about the guides.


Try the free guides first

Find free ebooks or audiobooks of the dating guides that seem to have good reviews in the market. Do not pay for a guide unless you are convinced that it is the one that will radically transform your social or dating life. There are several free dating guides and ebooks available. Try them out first.
Applicability of guides would differ

You need to remember that, it is not that a dating guide would contain utter nonsense. However, how well you can apply the techniques mentioned on a dating guide is what makes one dating guide relevant and useful to you versus the others. Note the author's background and the kind of audience he or she is targeting. If you are a middle aged man who is divorced and looking to date again, your requirements would be different from that of a single, young man emerging in the dating circle for the first time.

Putting your learnings into action

Once you have identified a relevant dating guide, read through the different sections and try to incorporate the learning into action. If the guide explains the personality of different women, try reading the personality of women you meet and approaching them as the guide tells you to. Make a note of the different points mentioned and how you can incorporate them in your actions.

Make changes in your behavior

A reliable dating guide will also help you understand the fallacies in your behavior that you unconsciously project which repels women. You need to go through such points and make a note to incorporate such changes in your behavior when you interact with others socially. It would be wise to try and incorporate the changes in your social behavior towards everyone so that it becomes a part of your natural self.
The success of a dating guide will depend on the sincerity and effort you put in to follow the points or techniques talked about in the guide.