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How to text a girl you like

Texting girls may seem scary to you or just plan confusing especially if it is a girl you like, but it does not have to be. In this article I am going to teach you how to text a girl, what you should and should not say. The fact is that when you are texting a girl, you are doing one of two things. You are either trying to make her feel comfortable and let her get to know you or you are trying to set up a date with her, so we are going to discuss texting girls as if you are working toward one of those goals also you can check out Bobby Rio's texting guide- Magnetic Messaging system for quick result.

First we should talk about the things you should not do when you are texting girls. The number one rule when it comes to texting girls is NO nude photos. This makes a girl feel like the only reason you are talking to her is because you want to sleep with her. Even if that is your goal you should never send nude photos when texting girls. Number two is don't beat around the bush. Don't text and act like you just want to be friends when your true intentions are to be more than friends.


Girls do not like when guys do this, it makes them feel as if they are being deceived. The third thing you should never do when texting girls is to never sound desperate or needy. No girl wants to go out with a desperate needy guy, so instead of telling them that you have no life and no plans EVER will only push them away. Finally, make sure that you are not using text slang all of the time when you are texting girls. Using numbers instead of words, and using text slang just shows her that she does not mean enough to you for you to take the time and actually type out the word. WTF and LOL are okay occasionally but only occasionally.

Now that you know what not to do when you are texting girls, we can discuss what you should do. The first thing you should do when texting girls is to call them by their first name. Don't call them beautiful or any other name but their own. This will insure them that you know who you are texting and mean what you say to them. The second thing that you should do when texting girls is reply to them quickly and leave it at that even if she does not reply back quickly. There is nothing more annoying for a girl than a guy blowing up her phone with text messages when she is busy, so send one text then wait until she replies before you send anymore.

Third, when texting girls don't just talk about the same thing over and over, keep the topics fresh and new. It is okay to have an ongoing joke between the two of you just make sure you talk about other things every now and then. If you continually talk about the same subject over and over again, not only will she get bored so will you and that will never lead to a date.

Last but not least, you should always text a girl as soon as she gives you her phone number. Sending a simple, "Hey this is (your name here) just wanted to give you my number too," is all you have to do. This will make her feel wonderful and she will love that you were so eager to text her.

Guys tend to think that texting a girl is some complicated science that has do be done exactly right but it really isn't. If you just be yourself when you are texting girls and don't stress too much over the minor details it will be fine. Remember that it is very easy to misinterpretation a text because you can't hear the persons tone of voice, and you can't see their facial expressions so when you are joking make it clear that you are not being serious. Otherwise you could ruin the entire relationship. If you follow all of the tips I have given you and just try to relax when you are texting a girl, you will meet your objective of letting her get to know you and getting a date with her.