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There are different ways of capturing the heart of a man. These ways have always been used by many people the world over and they include the following:-
The first and the most important one is satisfaction. Men like being satisfied whenever they are in the relationship and so the ladies should try to show their best to the man so that they can keep the man satisfied hence capturing his heart.

The second is attention. Although in the past it is the women who liked special attention, men are constantly taking the issue of special attention seriously and therefore as a matter of fact all the women should make an effort of paying special attention to the men as it is a very effective way of capturing the heart of the man in question.
Thirdly, it is important to surprise your partner once in a while. For instance you might buy a good tie for your partner. When you do this you will demonstrate to him that you really care and that you are always thinking about him every time This will in turn increase his love for you .


Fourthly, respect is very important. All the men I know and that I have interacted with do value respect so much. As a golden rule, men like being treated as the leaders in every situation. For example, a lady can show some sense of respect to his partner by asking for permission whenever she wants to attempt important things in life like advancing her level of education, visiting in-laws and even going out with her friends. This will demonstrate to the man that you really value his presence in the family and hence you will capture his heart.

Fifth, remember that satisfaction will also include feeling comfortable while at home. It is important you prepare in advance the clothes that your husband will put on the following day. Just keep them in order, make sure that you have ironed the clothes in advance and even polish the shoes so that in the morning he just needs to dress and go to work. If you can be in a position to do this then your man or rather your partner will realize that you love him and will in turn love you hence increasing your relationship.

Lastly but not the least you need to prepare good meals for your partner. If you do not cook the best food for your partner then most probably he will try to get that from another person. This will greatly harm your relationship and as a result you will not capture his heart.