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Why do women reject men

We live in an area when people are becoming more sincere, more open-minded in matter of relationships. Yet there is a lack of sincerity, and yet there are opinions and illusions that every woman creates in order to find the man, she thinks, will fulfill her dreams. From this point on, there comes rejection, hard times on coping with love cases, and ugly heartbreaks.

A woman may reject a man for reasons that do not seem as real reasons at all, but to her, they make sense. One of the main reasons is that she does not like his look. Every woman projects her perfect wedding, and in the same way she idealizes the perfect men. Every man that does not fall into her perception of beauty is out of her league. Luckily, not every woman's perception is the same! Lately this has proven to be very true. Most of us can still remember the impression that a prisoner with deep blue eyes had on women. He was convicted for murder and theft.


Yet, women all around the world wanted him not only out of jail, but also they desperately wanted to marry him!Another reason why women may reject men behind the look? His job! If he is a student, then his goals are to be judged. A woman, no matter how loudly she claims she want bad boys, all she really wants is a man with goals, with a job. He will be able to provide her a decent living and a respected family.

So, if you are to propose to a woman, better write a list of your goals first, and try to make them come to reality.The third reason is he's family. Family plays a big part. Family made him who he is today, and family, everybody knows, has a great impact to a man. Especially his mother. If a woman does not like his mother, or the other way round, it is bound to be hard-work and may be exhausting for some women. They know that a mother can literally through them on the street.The last big reason; that particular woman is in love with someone else.

At this point you can do nothing, just sit and wait with the hope she will see you someday, or you can move on However, if the reasons of rejections are those mentioned before this last line, then you can make her change her opinions and her view on man, if you are just a little funnier, if you only try a little harder to show your values, your gentleman side, your intelligence. Find the time to spend with her, in fact, do not even check the agenda when you are with her Make her feel pretty and loved, and you have her. In the end, you know how they say "If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do everything."